вторник, 21 марта 2017 г.

Картинки с выставки

В минувшие выходные, 17-18 марта, в Штатах состоялся турнир Rumble On Route 66. Как правило на турнирах такого уровня проводятся презентации. И этот раз не был исключением. Вел презентацию Бострия. Видимо команда Корвусов в преддверии Адептикона уже находится в Штатах.

Сама презентация шла в онлайне на ютубе, также есть ее запись. Видео смотреть долго и не интересно. Самые яркие впесатления от него - это эмоции американки на концепты и рендеры :)

Вот краткое содержание презентации (взято с английского форума, но все понятно):

PanOceania: Joan regular release this year. Hospittaller box set this year. Bagh Mari with HMG render shown. ORCs in the Varuna sectorial will have weapon options only available for that sectorial.

YuJing: Shikami this year (The concept art is amazing). Zhanying with Breaker Rifle render, so out soon.

Ariadna: A ton. Caledonian starter: Three volunteers, Wulver, Mormaer and Grey Rifle. Grey Rifle and Volunteer box sets confirmed. The female volunteers have pants, whilst the male ones are still proudly kilted. Female Airborne with Molotok and Minuteman box set for USAriadna as well.

Haqqislam: Ayyar render, he's apparently in the next couple of months. He's basically Reaper.

Nomads: Gecko Pilot render. Riot Grrl box is three Grrls and a tin bot.

Aleph: Entirely new OSS unit revealed; a hacker unit with combi rifle and pitcher. She looks fantastic. I missed the name though. Dansava maybe? Something like that. Next 300 point army box is Steel Phalanx.

Tohaa: Gorgos Pilot looks *sweet*. Sukeul Missile Launcher is the next one out.

Combined Army: Nexus Operative dossier shown!

Mercenaries: New mercenary: Major Luna (or something like that). Former Haqqislam major with a Viral sniper rifle. Her render looks fantastic.

Bostria was pretty clear that all of these would be out this year. He also more or less off-handedly confirmed Invincibles as the next YuJing sectorial and outright confirmed Vedics were in the next book.

I hope someone took some shots of the renders and will post them soon because they were all pretty damn great.

И, самое интересное, фото:

Ждем Адептикона, который состоится уже в эти выходные, 23-26 марта, и новые фотографии.

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